What Is Magic Bullet

You might have heard of, or even tried, Bulletproof coffee which is made with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. Magic Bullet is your dairy free, vegan version which replaces dairy butter with coconut butter.

Magic Bullet is the combination of MCT oil, coconut butter and coffee designed to supercharge your brain function and create effortless fat loss with no cravings

These high quality ingredients blended up create a creamy coffee that has the consistency of a latte. It tastes delicious, gives you an energy boost, helps you avoid the afternoon crash and keeps you mentally focused.

Organic coconut butter is sustainably sourced and cruelty free. It has additional nutritional benefits, including a range of vitamins and minerals that not found in dairy butter, as well as a portion of lauric acid, fibre and protein. 

Using only quality ingredients is the rule. When it comes to fats its not about how much you eat, but rather what kind you eat. MCTs derived from 100% pure coconut oil that has undergone the correct process of purification is the minimum. 

MCTs aren't digested and absorbed in the same way as other dietary fats, instead they are easily digested and processed in the liver, providing immediate fuel rather than being stored as fat in the body. Hence the many claims that consuming pure MCTs can result in effortless fat loss without cravings.

Consuming the right fats in the right ways, have been known to have enormous benefits to our overall health. 

Magic Bullet is not limited to coffee alone. This powerful combination can also be made as a tumeric latte, a ginger ninja, chai tea, or warm cacao. You can use this Magic Bullet recipe with any warm drink you would like to creamy up, or simply add them to your smoothies. 


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