What is Keto?

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The Keto movement has been named after the metabolic state in which your body's primary source of fuel comes from burning fats (opposed to glucose). When you are efficiently metabolizing fats you are in ketosis.

 In short, when you reduce your intake of carbohydrates, to between 20-50grams per day (yeah, not much) your body adapts to burning fats for energy, ketone bodies are a by product of fat metabolism – mainly a breakdown of MCT’s and have been found to be the most effective fuel for your brain and muscle tissue.

 So, is ketosis good for you?

 It depends. Currently, most of us are very well adapted to eating in abundance… and consuming carbohydrates as our primary source of macronutrients (thanks to our western diet). The oxidation process that occurs as a by product of using carbohydrates as energy, is very detrimental to our health. Mass oxidation leads to an increase in inflammation and increases the ageing process. Basically, your body becomes the perfect environment for accelerated aging, disease and injury.

There is a plethora of research, dating 20 and 30 years, that has shown a ketogenic diet as beneficial for certain ailments. Ketogenic diets have been successfully used as a non pharmacological treatment for refractory epilepsy, preventing neurological degeneration in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, reducing proliferation and spread of cancer, reducing insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, and more.

 The general rule of thumb here is, a body that is more efficient at metabolising fats for fuels (similar to our ancestors who did not develop in an age where carbohydrates were abundant) is overall more efficient, less inclined to disease and is generally healthier.

 Leaders in the ketogenic movement suggest against such a limited consumption of carbohydrates for longer then two weeks at a time, because, let's face it, the body still requires carbohydrates to function at full capacity. Instead, once a state of ketosis has been reached (or once you have done your keto reset) and you look to increasing your carbohydrate intake, we suggest unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates in the for of organic whole foods, nuts and grains.

While more and more research unveils itself on the keto front, we feel its a lifestyle change worth considering, especially if you are looking to eliminate disease, reduce your aging process or repair from injury.

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