Coconut Butter VS Grass Fed Butter

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 So, I hear you ask

 “Why change the original Bulletproof recipe?”

And that’s a fair question, why change it? Well, for starters, we run a vegan household, and while (if sourced correctly) organic grass fed butter does have its benefits, most of the nutrients found in the butter are easily found in plants too. And if you are like us, feeding your body with wholesome plants, wholefoods and a vast variety of colours is a high priority on your list!

Secondly, we have not become vegan just for the health benefits. We have a social and economical responsibility to our children, and this planet, to decrease our carbon footprint in any way possible. Becoming vegan was one of the easier and more beneficial ways for our family to do this. Unfortunately, as the current standards of agriculture stand, most consumption of animal products contain a hefty tax on this planet, from feeding and farming practices to distribution of product, we prefer to avoid it until this area of the market is sustainable. As they say, you vote with your dollar.

Thirdly, there is an abundance of very established literature on the side effects of consuming dairy, namely the consumption of Casein, leading to autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma and more. T. Colin Campbell PhD describes his findings perfectly in The China Study. Furthermore, by switching to coconut butter, you can eliminate all chances of that lactose induced bloated belly.

Fourth, there are some seriously awesome benefits to choosing coconut butter. Who here needs a hit of iron?! That’s right, coconut meat is a good source of extra iron among other essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. You get to add a dollop of fiber to your diet with this bad boy and it’s a fantastic hit of the antifungal lauric acid to keep your micro biome in check.

And last, but not least, dairy farming can place cows into some harsh environments and painful conditions, we are super into giving love to all creatures great and small. Be kind, always x

Nutrients in Coconut Butter

Grass Fed Butter

-       High in dietary fiber

-       Potassium

-       Protein

-       Calcium

-       Magnesium

-       Iron

-       Lauric Acid

-       Vitamin A

-       Vitamin K

-       CLA

-       Omega 3

-       Butyric acid (also in under ripe bananas)


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